Caribbean Islands

British West Indies

The British West Indies are a diversified group of Caribbean islands, all are dependent areas of the United Kingdom. They are a subset of the Caribbean Islands, which are also called the West Indies.

The name goes back to Columbus, who tried to find India by sailing west. He found islands he thought belonged to India. As it was clear it was not India he found, they were renamed West Indies to distinguish them from the eastern India.

 Anguilla:  Fountain Cavern
 Bermuda:  Admiral's Cave |  Cathedral Cave |  Crystal Caves |  Devil's Hole |  Fantasy Cave |  Leamington Caves |  Prospero's Cave |  Walsingham Nature Reserve
British Virgin Islands
 Cayman Islands:  Bat Cave |  Cayman Crystal Caves |  Great Cave |  Peter's Cave |  Pirate Caves |  Rebecca's Cave |  Skull Cave
 Saint Kitts and Nevis:  Bat Cave
 Turks and Caicos Islands  Conch Bar Caves

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