Closed Show Caves

Show caves and show mines have a long history. Sometimes financial or political problems cause the closing of well developed objects all over the world. In the U.S.A. there were several cave "gold rushes", when caves became very popular and many new show caves were opened by entrepreneurs. But as soon as the number of visitors sank, many caves were closed again. Sometimes the construction of motorways ruined shops, restaurants, and roadside attractions. As a result there are now many former show caves, which are not open any more.

The main problem for the visitor, who reads about a cave in an older guide book, is the lack of current information! Unfortunately deceased operations do not spend money in advertisement to tell everybody they are closed, they just fade away silently. As a result many people follow a guide book or old road signs and find closed doors. In order to give a useful overview on subterranean sights open to the public, decided to complete it by a sort of black list, which lists all caves which are closed to the public.

Please help to complete the list. If you had trouble with a cave which has been closed, please drop us a line: E-mail: contact.

And a last word: if one of this caves is reopened, please help us by providing as much information as possible. Visit the Submit Information page for more info.