Alpine Karst

The northern part of Slovenia belongs to the southern rim of the Alps. This are the Julian Alps, which rise nearly 3,000m, with the Triglav (2,864m asl) being the highest mountain of Slovenia. Like all over the Northern and Southern Limestone Alps, there are numerous caves with some of them open to the public.

Although it is not really a single region in the geographic sense, it shares a similar geologic situation. So we decided to collect all caves, which belong to the limestone of the Southern Alps, and not to the limestone of the Dinarides, under this term Alpine Karst.

The caves are really different from the cave of the Classic Karst, and only one of them is really a typical alpine cave, which means huge and filled with ice. Others, located in the lower foothills are sometimes quite different as they are small and contain aragonite speleothems.