Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun

Republic of Armenia

Armenia is a part of the former Soviet Union, today called Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The Capital of Armenia is Yerevan, you know the Radio Yerevan jokes....

Armenia has numerous caves all over the country. The most important karst area is the Vayots Dzor Region at Yeghegnadzor, which is the only north-south connection of the country. Arjeri cave (Archer cave - Bear Cave), which is located here, is the longest and deepest cave of Armenia (L=3,000m, VR=145m).

Armenia also has volcanism and some lava tubes. The longest one is Sanahin Cave, which is 100m long. Armenia has only one caving club, called Armenian Speleological Society. The president is Smbad Davtian.

As far as my sparse sources tell, there is only one developed show cave in Armenia, with lighted paths and regular tours. Mozrovi was developed during the last years. Still there are many subterranean sights, which may be visited by the experienced traveller.

The languages spoken in Armenia are Armenian and Russian, using the Armenian and Cyrillic alphabet. This means, that all transcripitons into the Latin alphabet are just an approach, and there may be several different ways to write the names.