Cueva de Damas

Caves of Damas

Useful Information

Location: 9 km northeast of the town of Damas, Garabito county, Puntarenas province. 16 km north of Quepos, 58 km south of Jaco. 9 km north off the highway CR-34.
Open: closed at the moment [2007]
Fee: closed at the moment [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Middle Eocene limestones.
Dimension: L=286, VR=21 m, A=45 m asl.
Guided tours:
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~1925 discovered.
1960 first survey by Eng. Mario Sáenz A..
2006 end of cave trekking tours.
APR-2007 resurveyed by the cavers of Grupo Espeleológico Anthros (GEA) and new grade grade 5 map drawn.


The Cueva de Damas (Caves of Damas) is named after the nearby Damas river. At the end of the tour the river is praised for it offers a refreshing bath. The cave is dry, horizontal and rather easy, but there are a few squeezes, which are narrow.

Damas cave is home to various animals, especially thousands of bats (Saccopterix sp.). There are troglobite spiders, crickets, cockroaches and other insects living in the cave.

The current owner of the 280 ha land with the cave on it are Americans. They organized cave trekking tours until 2006. The day trip to the cave included horseback riding and other activities. There are hot springs nearby. The current owners are now trying to sell the land and have discontinued the tours.