Maltese for Cavers

Maltese (Maltese: Malti) is the national language of Malta and a co-official language of the country alongside English. It is descended from Siculo-Arabic, the extinct variety of Arabic that developed in Sicily and was later introduced to Malta. Maltese has always been written in the Latin script, the earliest surviving example dating from the late Middle Ages. It has severl unque special characters with a single dot on top (Ċ ċ Ġ ġ Ż ż) and the h with a horizontal line (Ħ ħ).

Maltese English
Għar cave
għadajjar cavern
raġel tal-grotta cave man
rebbiegħa spring
ilma ta 'taħt l-art groundwater
minatur miner
minerali mineral
wied niexef dry valley
Topografija karstika karst topography
pont naturali natural bridge