Kimnyongsa Gul

Gimnyeongsa Gul - Gimnyeongsagul Cave - Gimnyeongsa Cave - Snake Cave

Useful Information

Location: Kimnyong-ni. On Jeju Island.
Open: All year daily 9-18
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=705m.
Guided tours:  
Bibliography: Greg Middleton (2004): Jeju Island Lava Caves - World Heritage?, South Korea 2003. Journal of the Sydney Speleological Society 2004 Vol 48 (6) 185-199
Address: Kimnyongsa Gul, Donggimnyeong-ri, Gujwa-eup, Bukjeju-gun, Jeju-do, Management Office, Tel: +82-64-783-5412.
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28-MAR-1970 designated Natural Monument No. 98.


This is a former show cave very near Manjanggul cave and undoubtedly part of the same original lava tube system but no longer physically connected to Manjanggul. Basic pathways, including stairs, are still in place, as are the remnants of the electric lighting system. The passages resemble Manjang in that they are large and display various flow features. There are many cracks in the ceiling which admit water during wet weather. Silt and sand is in evidence but the only calcite formations are some superficial flowstone. The cave is sufficiently impressive to be used as a show cave again or perhaps as an Adventure experience if visitors brought their own lighting.

Text by Tony Oldham (2004). With kind permission.

Manjanggul is 13,422m long and the longest lava tube of South Korea. Although sometimes stated, it is not the longest lava tube of the World.

At the entrance of the cave is a monument honoring Soryon about whom the following tale is told.

Once in Snake cave a monstrous snake lived, which brought misfortune to the local people. Soryon, a magistrate of the Joseon Dynasty went to the cave and killed the snake. But on his way back to the village a mysterious red light chased him. He fell from his horse and died.

Local tale.