Kerala is a state of India, located along the southwestern coast of India, the tropical Malabar Coast. It is a narrow stripe of coastal plains between the sea and the mountain range of the Western Ghats. Almost 600 km long, the state is only between 35 km and 120 km wide.

Located in the middle of the Indian plate, it is part of an old craton, composed of ancient crystalline basement crust. The Precambrian rocks are often covered by very young Pleistocene sediments. This geology allows the existence of metal ores, gems, and minerals. But limestone is rare and mostly in form of marble, caves are rare and small. As far as we know there is no mine which is open to tourists, the area is a top tourist destination, but it is visited mostly for it abundant rain forests which make the country to one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots of the world.