Hindi for Cavers

Inia is a multi-ethnic conglomerater were numerous different languages are spoken. That's pretty impractical, and so the Constitution of India designated two official language of the Government of India: Hindi written in the Devanagari script and English. English is obviously a remnant of colonial days, but is widely spoke, so the traveler has no problems with this language. Nevertheless we listed some cave related terms in Hindi.

Hindi in Devanagari Hindi in Latin English
गुफा gupha cave
कुटी kutee cavern
गुफाओं का आदमी guphaon ka aadamee cave man
गुहावासी guhaavaasee cave-dweller, troglodyte
caving caving caving
छेद निगल chhed nigal sink
पोनोर ponor ponor
स्रोत srot spring
कार्स्ट वसंत kaarst vasant karst spring
भूजल bhoojal groundwater
गुफा मठ gupha math cave monastery
मेरा mera mine
खान में काम करनेवाला khaan mein kaam karanevaala miner
अयस्क ayask ore
भूमिगत bhoomigat underground