India - About the Country

India is a subcontinent of Asia, looking like a big triangle pointing to the south. The south eastern and south western borders are the coasts to the Indian Sea. The northern border are the Himalaya mountains. Neighbour countries are Pakistan, Tibet, China and Malaysia.

India is a huge coutry with several limestone areas and the promise of many future discoveries. But at the moment there are not too many known caves. Especially the Meghalaya area in northern India is at the moment a research area of British and German cavers. A yearly three week expedition normally surveys 25 km of new discovered caves.

We always try to list caves with their "original" name, which means the name in the local language. But India has probably 600 languages and it is difficult to find out the local names. English is a sort of official language and allows Indians to communicate even if they originally speak different languages. This is why typically the English version of the name is given.