Smoo Cave

by Tony Oldham

A steep footpath leads down to the vast entrance of this cave, 100 feet wide and 50 feet high, one of the largest entrances to any cave in the British Isles. The floor of the main chamber is a few feet above normal high tide mark, and is covered with sand and boulders. On the right of this chamber a small stream enters. This is the Allt Smoo, which sinks down a 70 foot pothole, which may be seen on the other side of the road from the footpath.

By climbing up a rock wall above the point where the stream enters, it is possible to look over a lake 15 feet deep to where the waterfall of the Allt Smoo enters the cave. There are further small extensions to the cave, but these are for the most part narrow, and undecorated. The cave is steeped in legend, and there are rumours that it connects with various other places in the district.

However, it is a sight which one cannot afford to miss in the far north of Scotland.

Text from: Tony and Anne Oldham (1972): Discovering Caves - A guide to the Show Caves of Britain. With kind permission by Tony Oldham.