Biggest Underground Waterfalls

Height Cave Location Explanation
100 m CaveGaping Ghyll Great Britain The Fell Beck drops 100 m from the moor into Gaping Ghyll, Britain's largest cavern, and the fall of the Beck into the pothole is Britain's highest unbroken waterfall.
77 m ShowcaveGrotte aux Fées Switzerland has a 77 m high waterfall which is part of the tour. This seems to be the highest underground waterfall in any show cave worldwide.
73 m ShowcaveXian Pu Dong - Fairy Waterfall Cave China This 73 m high waterfall is very spectacular, and is of course touted by the Chinese government as the largest in the world.
64 m ShowcaveTuckaleechee Caverns U.S.A. Tuckaleechee Caverns also has a 64 m high, two tier, underground waterfall named Silver Falls.
44 m ShowcaveRuby Falls U.S.A. The waterfall is called Ruby Falls, like the show cave, is 44 m high and the highest underground waterfall open to the public in the United States.
42 m ShowcaveDyavolsko Garlo Bulgaria contains numerous underground waterfalls, among them the third-highest underground waterfall in any tourist cave of the world, which is 42 m high.
40 m ShowcaveGrotte et cascade de Seythenex France The only tourist cave in the Haute Savoie has a 40 m high underground waterfall. Footbridges and staircases enable visitors to walk up to the top of the waterfall.
40 m ShowcaveBalma di Rio Martino Italy At the end of the easy accessible part is a 40 m high waterfall.