Hubert Trimmel


Prof. Dr. Hubert Trimmel wrote probably the most important German book about Höhlenkunde (speleology). It is still the German standard work, although it is 35 years old now.

For many years he was editor of the magazine Die Höhle, which is the publication of the Verband Österreichischer Höhlenforscher (VÖH - Austrian Cavers Association). He was Honorary President of the International Union of Speleology and the VÖH.

He recieved a lot of decorations for his decades of scientific work, not even for speleology but also nature protection, geology and publication. After his eremitation he traveled a lot and visited many speleological congresses all over the world, and is thus well known to many cavers.


12-OCT-1924 born in Vienna.
1949 founding member of the Verband österreichischer Höhlenforscher (VÖH), the Speleological Association of Austria.
1954 becomes editor of the Austrian caving magazine Die Höhle.
1984 Silbernes Ehrenzeichen of Oberösterreich.
1984 Goldener Höhlenbär of the VÖH.
1990 Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst of the Republik Österreich.
1996 first laureate of the Dr.-Benno-Wolf-Preis of the German Verband der deutschen Höhlen und Karstforscher e.V..
2004 handed the work for Die Höhle over to an editorial team.
15-DEC-2013 died in Vienna.