Creationism is a religion, a Christian subgroup, which believes in "the truth of the bible from the first verse". This includes that Earth was created by God in seven days. They invest a lot of work and verve into the "scientific" proof of this fact. Excavations are made, results are interpreted, books are published and schools are sued for not telling the "truth" to the children.

Most civilized countries allow the free practice of any religion, which does not harm people. But this believe includes the denial of any other opinion, especially the scientific point of view. The evolution is disclaimed, kids are indoctrinated, all in the honest aim to spread "truth". And although this is not violent, it is still dangerous and destructive. A new generation, believing this pseudo-scientific crap, will not be able to make new discoveries and inventions, while trying to proof sheer nonsense.

This site deals with caves and mines, both part of the natural world, described and explored by the natural sciences. We do not have any page with more religious content than probably the description of a church or temple built inside a cave. Nevertheless we get emails from creationists now and then, who tell us about the astonishing scientific facts they found out. Instead of crying hot tears about this stupidity, we decided to lough at it, which is why we made this page in the humour section.

So if you are a creationist, please refrain from sending anything to us. We do not tell you what to believe, and request the same thing from you. We are not interested to proof you wrong, we just do not want to waste our time with responses, and we will not answer you. If you can not resist to write anyway, please use contact which we forwarded to /dev/null.

On Day Eight God Created The Caves, In The Hope They Would Swallow The Creationists

Do Not Cave To Stupidity And Fanatism