Upside Down

I rotated this image personally!

Images upside down? Sounds strange. Should be easy to see if an image is upside down or not.

But it seems it is not too easy on cave pages! I do not really know why, but I think, it is because the webmasters have no idea about caves. Should be easy to see the difference between stalactites and stalagmites... if you know what the difference is.

When I first found images upside down, I wrote to the page owners. The normal reaction was to ignore me. Some of them insulted me, and some were absolutely sure the image belonged this way and tried to persuade me of this. But I still believe, soda straws hang down from the ceiling!


Thinking about this a second time, I saw that my reaction was wrong. Upside down images are really funny! Smile At least for the one who knows that they are upside down. So I made this page to collect upside down pictures of caves. And no: it is not a pillory!

So if you want too see some examples use the links below. And if you also know a page like this, just send me the URL to contact