Above Ground Caves

The definition of a cave goes "...an underground void...". This means: if it is above ground it is not a cave. Or in other words, to be underground is the true nature of caves. Seems the term Above Ground Cave is rather wierd. The term is a Wikipediaparadox and absurd. If intended, it is an Wikipediaoxymoron and funny.

Sometimes it is used by cave divers, and they mean caves above sea level or groundwater level. This means, they are not water filled However, to call this above ground implicates they think the water surface is the ground. We are not sure if this is a very cool joke or just oxygen succinctness.

We found two uses which are rather funny and intelligent. First there was this comedian, who talked about being an underground cave guide. To make clear that this was a strange figure of speech, he asked where else a cave guide could guide if not underground, probably in an above ground cave?

The other, even more common, use of the term is for cave like buildings, which - as they are above ground and just resemble caves - are dubbed above ground cave.

However, the most penetrant use of the term we found in the advertisements of the Capricorn Caves in Australia. They really believe their caves are above ground, and hundreds of journalists, webmasters and bloggers on the internet believed them. This was so annoying that we modified our Google search link below to exclude them.