This are the absolute highlights. The best and most interresting books around caving. My personal top ten list. (still working on it...)

  1. Liam Neeson (narrator), Stephen Judson (director), Greg MacGillivray (director) (2001): Journey Into Amazing Caves, DVD of the IMAX movie, Image Entertainment
  2. Moody Blues (): Journey Into Amazing Caves, Music-CD, soundtrack, Canada
  3. Stephen Reames, Lawrence Fish, Paul Burger, Patricia Kambesis (1999):
    Deep Secrets, The Discovery and Exploration of Lechuguilla Cave,
    Hardcover, 381 pages, Cave Books (August 1999), ISBN: 0939748185
    Definitely an adventure story, and at the same time the documentation of an important step in caving technique. The explorers of Lechuguilla cave found an immense maze of extreme fragility and had to develop new techniques in order to prevent its beauty. This knowledge changed the habit of cavers all over the world.
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  4. Urs Widmer (Editor), Michael Taylor (1998):
    Lechuguilla: Jewel of the Underground,
    Hardcover, 164 pages, National Speleological Society, 2nd edition (January 1998), ISBN: 3908495016
    Impressive images of the most beautiful cave of the world! Urs Widmer is probably the best cave photographer of the World, and this book is his masterpiece. Every picture shows a beautiful and unique scene of this extraordinary cave.
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  5. Michael Ray Taylor (1997):
    Cave Passages, Roaming the Underground Wilderness,
    Paperback, 288 pages, Vintage; (March 25, 1997), ISBN: 0679781250.
    This is an introduction into caving, if you want to know more about the where and when,and especially the why. It is not a practical guide and has only very view pictures, but emphasizes on the caver scene. This autobiographic novel will tell you much about this extreme hobby.

  6. Carol A. Hill , Paolo Forti (1997):
    Cave Minerals of the World,
    Hardcover, 463 pages, National Speleological Society; 2nd edition (1997), ISBN: 1879961075.
    The best book about cave minerals I have ever seen. Many minerals, you have never heard of and you will never see in reality. But make sure to buy the 2nd edition: the pictures are well worth the higher price!

  7. Alfred Bögli (1980):
    Karst Hydrology and Physical Speleology,
    Hardcover, Springer Verlag; (June 1980).
    This is a scientific book about karst and cave development. It is probably the single most important book about speleology of the 20th century. Bögli is the big old man of scientific speleology!