Jiuxiang Scenic Resort

Useful Information

Location: Jiuxiang village, 70km from Kunming, 47km from Yiliang. Kunming Prefecture.
Open: All year daily 9-18. [2006]
Fee: Adults RMB 30. Cable Car: Adults RMB 15. [2006]
Classification: Sinian Epoch, Dolomite
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Jiuxiang Scenic Resort, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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Jiuxiang Scenic Resort is a karst area at Jiuxiang (nine villages). Limestone ridges with heights around 1,900m asl are separated by deep valleys, around 1,750m asl. On a total area of about 200km² more than one hundred karst caves are known. This is the most important karst area in China, with the highest density of caves.

The whole area is divided into various regions which are named after their most important sight.

  1. Sanjiaodong (Triangular Caves)
  2. Diehongqiao (Overlapping Rainbow Bridge)
  3. Shangdadong (Upper Big Cave)
  4. Dashaba (Long Sandy Bank)
  5. Mingyuehu (Bright Moon Lake)

The karst area is also famous for a true troglobiont, the largest cave fish known in China. This mackerel has adapted to the dark environment, it has a full transparent body and the organs in the body are clearly visible. The eyes have gradually degenerated and today only tiny white spots remained.

The whole area is recently developed for tourism. Diehongqiao (Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot) is the only part which is already completed, it is now open for the public. There are various sights in this region which are developed.

The Diehongqiao sights can be visited in about three hours on a four kilometre long tour.