China - About the Country

The Peoples Republic of China is a really big country, with a very long history. On its surface fertile humid areas, the Gobi desert and the mountains of the Himalaya can be found. Of course there are many karst areas in limestone or gypsum. And because of the long history many cave houses and cave temples can be found all over the country.

Unfortunately, the land is not easy to visit, because of the well known politic situation. Additionally there is an ernest language problem, as Chinese is not a single language, but many languages. Written Chinese contributes another problem: several thousand different characters make the language hard to learn, and so it is rather hard for foreigners to get information about the country.

China is said to have more than 400 show caves. As a matter of fact, the definition of a show cave changes, both from country to country and over time. We guess there are much less real show caves, with paths and light, and a lot of semi-wild or cave trekking caves. We are trying to list at least the easy access caves in or near major centres. However, the available information is too limited for a representative list.