Mines & Meadows ATV Riding Resort

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Location: Wampum
Open: MAR to NOV Mon-Fri 14, Sat, Sun 11, 13, 15.
Classification:  Limestone Quarries and Mine
Dimension: T=13°C, H=80%.
Guided tours:  
Address: Mines & Meadows ATV/RV Resort, 1307 Old Route 18, Wampum, PA 16157, Tel: +1-724-535-6026, Fax: +1-724-535-6028. E-mail: contact
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1890slimestone mined by the Crescent Cement Company.
1970slimestone mine closed.
1980sused for growing mushrooms by Sno-Top Mushroom Co..
2004purchased by the Underland Development Corporation.
2007Mines & Meadows ATV/RV Resort opened.



Mines & Meadows ATV Riding Resort is a rather strange and unique enterprise: an underground limestone mine which is used for ATV and dirt bike rides. The mine consists of 14 huge chambers, and an underground lake with a size of about 1.2ha. The ATVs enter the mine through a narrow tunnel, not much wider than the vehicles. The tour goes through the mine and also through the very shallow lake.

The mine was operated until the seventies, later the chambers were used for growing mushrooms by Sno-Top Mushroom Co.. At the height of production, they used 185m⊃ of subterranean growing space. In 2004 it was purchased by the Underland Development Corporation and used for underground storage, warehousing and light manufacturing or assembly.

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