Carver's Cave

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Location: Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul.
Dimension: L=35m.
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Bibliography: Charles Burnley (1967): Case Of The Vanishing Historic Site Or What Happened To Carver's Cave, Ramsey County History, Fall 1967 Volume 4 Number 2, Ramsey County Historical Society.
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1767cavern discovered by Jonathan Carver.
1885entrance closed by railroads.
1913entrance rediscovered and the cave reopened.


Carver's Cave is a huge cavern beneath Dayton's Bluff, which was discovered by Jonathan Carver in 1767, hence the name. It was known for very long to the local Dakota people, many Indian legends were told about the cave.

Like many of the caves of the St. Paul area, it was used for several decades, but then it was abandoned because of the growth of the city. In this case the entrance was closed by new railroads. But in contrary to the nearby Fountain Cave, this cave was rediscovered in 1913 and reopened. There was a considerable ceremony, and the city planned to turn the area into a park and the cave into a tourist attraction. However, the plans were never realized.

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