Göreme National Park - Göreme Open-Air Museum

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Location: Around the village Göreme, east of Nevsehir. The Göreme Open-Air Museum is located to the south at the road to Uchisar. (38°38'23.48"N, 34°49'3.42"E)
Open: OCT-FEB Tue-Sun 8-17, MAR-SEP Tue-Sun 8-19.
Fee: Adults TL 5,000,000, Children (0-18) TL 2,200,000, Disabled free.
Classification: ExplainCave House
Light: none/electric.
Dimension: 95,76km².
Guided tours:  
Address: Nevsehir Directorate of Tourism, Atatürk Bulvari 14, Devlet Hastanesi Önü, Nevsehir, Tel: +90-384-213-3659, Fax: +90-384-213-1137.
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4th century first caves dug.
1100 Yilanli church and Barbara church built.
1200 Çarikli church built.
1985 enrolled into UNESCO's World Heritage List.
1986 dedicated a National Historic Park.


Göreme is the most famous cave city of Cappadoccia. It has been declared a National Park and is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Göreme Milli Parklar (Göreme National Park) has a size of 95,76km² and is covered with volvcanic ashes, forming layers of soft tufa. In this area a harder layer of lava covers a softer layer of tufa. Erosion cut through the hard layer and had little problems to remove the soft rocks very fast. Only where some remains of the resistant rock covers the tufa, it still exists and forms pilars, towers and needles. The height of those rock pilars, called fairy chimneys, may be up to 40m. The valley is also called Valley of the Fairy Chimneys.

The soft tufa is very good for building housings in, as it is very soft and contains numerous caves. The longest cave is 1,325m long. There are also numerous cave churches, built underground to be hidden from the pursuing Arab invaders. Many churches have impressive frescoes.

Göreme has become a synonym for the caves of the area, nevertheless it is only a small part. The town of Göreme has an open-air museum where many preserved houses and churches can be visited.