Zupanova Jama - Taborska Jama

A Cave Visit in 1981

Image: The entrance to Taborska Jama is a crack in the limestone cliff.
Image: The cave has many columns, stalagmite that grow rather fast and very thin. They are 10 cm in diametre ant up to 5 m high.
Image: One of many beautiful formations, a stalagtite and stalagmite recently joined to form a pillar.
Image: A beautiful stalagmite. Rather typical for stalagmites is to grow along a crack in the ceiling. Typical for this cave are the reflections on the surface, caused by single calcite crystals.
Image: A mountain of stalagmites. Columns, pilars and stalagmites forming a calcite castle.

A Cave Visit in 2003

Image: Tabor Church, namesake of the cave.
Image: entrance to the cave, Ledenica.
Image: Permetova dvorana (Perme's Chamber).
Image: formations with rimstone dams.
Image: stalactite and stalagmite, only a few milimeters apart.
Image: Matjaževo dvorano (Matjaž's Hall).
Image: a huge formation with the typical glittering.
Image: the stair at the left side shows the enormous size of this flowstone.
Image: huge stalactite.
Image: formations and tourist path.
Image: Velika dvorana (Large Hall).
Image: pure white formations in a brown cave.