Postojnska Jama Gallery

Historic Engravings

Image: Historic image of Postojnska Jama.
Image: Historic image of Postojnska Jama.

A Visit in 1980

Image: The entrance of Postojnska Jama. The old entrance building on the right side is from the time, when Slovenia belonged to Austria and the cave was called Adelsberger Grotte.
Image: A huge pilar, where stalagmite and stalagtite grew until they joined.
Image: The famous Stalagmite called the diamond.
Image: An organ-like formation.

A Visit in 2003

Image: the entrance building.
Image: the historic cave entrance, which is used as exit today..
Image: The ponor of the Pivka Rivet, at the border of flysh and limestone the river enters the underground. This is the lowest and still active level of Postojna Cave.
Image: after the train ride the visitor enters a huge hall with numerous interesting formations.
Image: after going up to the highest point the path leads down in u-turns to the bridge.
Image: after the bridge the most beautiful part of the tour starts, the White Passage.
Image: the White Passage.
Image: end of the White Passage.
Image: the coloured section with more formations.
Image: the bridge from below.
Image: more huge formations.
Image: one of the highlights, the diamond.
Image: formations.
Image: this huge chamber contains a small pool with living olms.
Image: Olm or Proteus anguinus.
Image: underground train station at the concert hall.
Image: underground train station at the exit. Here the visitors leave the train with a last spectacular view on the cave river below.
Image: below the entrance to Postojna Jama. The mill in the river Pivka is used as a restaurant today.