Cueva de la Quebrada del Toro

Quebrada El Toro Cavern - De BeIlard's Cavern

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Location: 15km from Santa Cruz de Bucaral in the State of Falcon.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=1,200m.
Guided tours:  
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Cueva de la Quebrada del Toro is also named De Beilard's Cavern in honour to De Beilard, the Venezuelan speleologist who explored it for the first time. Like many caves in the area it is inhabited by oilbirds. See  Cueva del Guácharo for more information.

This cave is an active river cave, with the largest so far known underground watercourse in Venezuela. The underground river forms two big lakes, both over 200 meters long, which can be crossed on small boats.

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