Pyidaungsu Myanma Naingngandaw

Union of Myanmar - Burma

Myanmar is an Asian country, located in the tropics, with borders to Thailand, China, India and Bangladesh. The border to the east, where many countriies meet, is infamous for the drugs which are produced there and called the Golden Triangle. Obviously the drug dealers use the remoteness and the possibility to cross the borders for their own purposes. The western border is a coast, the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, the northern part of Myanmars coast is called the Bay of Bengal, the southern the Andaman Sea.

The country Myanmar was renamed such by the currently governing military junta. Some counntries do not recognize this government and still call the country Burma. The language spoken is Burmese, the capital is Naypyidaw. The land has an area of about 675,000km² and a popuation of 50 Million people. The main religion is the Burmese form of Theravada Buddhism. But there are a diverse range of indigenous cultures, which often believe in animism or shamanism, in totem animals and nature gods.

Sights of Myanmar

 Khayon Cave |  Pindaya Caves |  Powintaung Cave Pagodas

Additional Information about Myanmar

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