The area we describe under the name Asia, is a bit more than what is called Asia in the geographic sense. We included the subcontinent of India and the Philippine Islands.

This part of the world has many and and extraordinary caves and so extreme karst areas like the tower karst in China and Thailand. Unfortunatley there are not so much caves accessible to the tourist. However, the list we have at the moment is extremely incomplete. There are definitely much more sights, but information about them is not available in English.

 Bhutan:  Kurjey Lhakhang |  Taktsang Dzong
 Cambodia:  Roung Dai Ho |  Killing Caves |  Kompong Trach Cave |  Phnom Slap Ta'aun Caves |  Phnom Sorsia Cave
 Indonesia:  Cerme Cave |  Goa Jomblang |  Liang Bua Cave |  Lubang Jepang |  Sawahlunto Coal Mine Museum |  Guha Siluman
 Bali:  Goa Gajah |  Goa Lawah
 Myanmar:  Khayon Cave |  Pindaya Caves |  Powintaung Cave Pagodas
 North Korea:  Ryongmun Taegul |  Song-am Donggul
 Pakistan:  Bari Imam Cave |  Khewra Salt Mines
 Tajikistan:  Fiery Caves of Kuhi-Malik
 Turkmenistan:  Kap-Kutan Cave |  Karlyuk Caves |  Kow Ata Underground Lake |  Kyrk Gyz Cave |  Yekedeshik Cave City

Additional Information about Asia

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