The African continent has, despite its enormous size, very little subterranean sights. The reasons are diverse:

So, despite some world famous mines and several interesting karst areas, the number of subterranean sights is pretty low. Best developed is South Africa with its numerous archaeological sites. Other states have some caves, often in a very low state of development. Most important are cultural caves which were used as hideouts or to build cave houses.

 Cabo Verde:  Blue Eye
 Algeria:  Grotte des ain Beni Add |  Ghardaïa |  Grotte Hamma |  Grotte Merveilleuse |  Tassili n'Ajjer
 Botswana:  Gcwihaba Caverns |  Legaga la ga Kobokwe |  Tsodilo Rock Paintings
 Egypt:  Abu Simbel |  Blue Hole |  Djara Cave |  Kom es-Shouqafa |  Muqattam Mountain Cave Cathedral |  Cave of Swimmers
 Ethiopia:  Lalibela |  Sof Omar
 Kenya:  Ali Barbour's Cave |  Kitum Cave |  Leviathan Lava Tube |  Mau Mau caves |  Paradise Lost |  Rumathi Caves |  Shimoni Caves
 Libya:  Mogharet el Kantara
 Madagascar:  Ampanito Valakely |  Grotte d'Anjohibe |  Tsingy de Bemaraha |  Tsingy de Namoroka
 Mauritania:  Zouerate
 Mauritius:  Caverne Patate |  Pont Bon Dieu Jardin Cave
 Morocco:  Bhalil Cave Dwellings |  Gouffre Friouato |  Grottes d'Hercules
 Namibia:  Arnhem Cave |  Dureb Caves |  Fish River Canyon |  Gaub Cave |  Philipp's Cave |  Sperrgebiet National Park
 Nigeria:  Arochukwu Cave |  Iho-Eleru |  Ogba Ogbunike |  Ojukwu Bunker |  Olumo Rock |  Voice of Biafra Bunker
 Rwanda:  Musanze Cave
 Somalia:  Laas Gaal
 Tanzania:  Amboni Caves |  Kiwengwa Caves |  Mangapwani Coral Cavern |  Mangapwani Slave Cave |  Mizamiza Cave |  Mumba Rockshelter
 Tunisia:  Bulla Regia |  Grotte des Chauves-souris |  Hotel Diar el Barbar |  El-Haouaria |  The Cave Homes of Matmâta
 Uganda:  Maramagambo Caves |  Amabera ga Nyinamwiru
 Zambia:  Old Bwana Mukubwa Tourism Centre
 Zimbabwe:  Chinhoyi Cave |  Dombashawa Painted Cave |  Inanke Cave

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