Leviathan Lava Tube

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Location: Chyulu Hills. 200km from Nairobi along the Mombasa road, near Kibwezi. (2.68 S, 37.88 E)
Open: no restrictions,
Fee: free.
Guides available.
Classification:  Lava Tubes
Light: none, bring torch, good light recommended
Dimension: L=9,152m, VR=408m.
Guided tours: guides available at Jonah's.
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Leviathan caves are sometime called Worlds longest lava tubes. One should be carefull about saying such things, as the longest lava tube is  Kazumura Cave which is 6 times as long. However, it is a pretty long lava tube, listed on place ten at the moment [2004].

Leviathan caves are many lava tubes in a lava flow of the 2,188m high Chyulu Hills Volcano. They are rather hard to reach, there is no water and no public transport. The caves are not developed. But the caves are on the schedules of numerous tour operators, as a new road makes it possible to bring the cave into touristic trips. It is definitely a very good idea to visit the cave not on your own, but with such a trip.

The caves are not really dangerous, there is no special threat. But they are wild caves and visitors should always be careful and use their brain. The floor can be rough, there is always some climbing involved.

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