Gruta del Espiritu Santo

Cuevas de Corinto - Corinto Cave - Cave of the Holy Spirit

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Location: 2 km north of the village of Corinto. Morazan district.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Guided tours: There is a guide on site provided by Concultura.
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late 1970sstudied by the archaeologist Wolfgang Haberland.
2002Dr. Roberto Ticas told the Bradshaw Foundation about the rock art.


Gruta del Espiritu Santo is an archaeological site of great importance. It is important because of its geographical position in Middle America, which allows greater understanding of migration patterns.

The cave walls show Prehistoric drawings about 10,000 years old, depicting human figures, snakes, birds, crabs and the common negative hands. The figures are usually 30cm in height, but some are up to 100cm. The symbols vary from 4cm to 50cm in height. Different galleries within the cave show different style and colour.

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