Grotte des Chauves-souris

Grotte de Chauve souris d'El Haouaria - Bat Cave

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Location: 3km west of El-Haouaria on the Cape Bon Tunisian Peninsula. Can be reached from the fishing villages of Kelibia and Nabeul. 60km from Hammamet.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Dimension: A0130m asl.
Guided tours:  
Bibliography: (1967): Tunisie, Les Guide Bleus, 1967, p 133
V Aellen P Strinati (1979): Chauve-souris Cavernicoles de Tunisie, Mammalia Tome, 34 No 2, pp 228-236
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1967visited by Dr V Aellen, M Frainier and Dr P Strinati.


As the name suggests, these caves are full of bats. This is a natural cave higher up the mountain than the Roman Caves  El-Haouaria which are antique quarries. A descent of 5m leads to a room 50 by 60m. The cave is designated as a Nature Reserve.

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