Pozzo della Cava

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Location: Orvieto
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children (3-18) EUR 2, Students EUR 2, Seniors (65+) EUR 2, Children (0-6) free. Groups (10+): Adults EUR 2. [2006]
Light: electric.
Guided tours: self guided
Address: Pozzo della Cava, Via della Cava, 28, 05018 Orvieto, Tel: +39-0763-342.373, Fax: +39-0763-341-029. E-mail: contact
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This is probably the best developed part of all Orvieto caves. This series of chambers is privately owned and was developed as a toursit sight by the owners. It is a sort of familiy business. The trips are self guided, which give enough time to explore and even take pictures. Their website is very good.

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