Pozzo Santullo

Pozzo d'Antullo

Pozzo Santullo is a sink hole, a doline with between 40 and 70 meters deep, and has a circumference of 300 meters. It is located near the road to

An impressive description of the sink hole was written by Ferdinand Gregorovius, who visited it in 1858. The original German text is linked below.

He describes the huge depression and tells, that the local inhabitants told a story about a lion on the ground. But it was just a joke, as they used the bottom as a meadow for their goats. They brought them down, and later back, with a long rope.

The legend tells, that this area once was a large barn. When the people worked in it on, although it was a high holyday of the virgin Maria, she got so angry, that she the ground opened and swallowed the whole barn.

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