Balma di Rio Martino

Grotta di Rio Martino

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Location: Near Crissolo, Val Po. 46km NW of Cuneo. 15 min walk from Crissolo on the right bank of the river upstream.
Open: Only by appointment for groups.
Fee: Per Person EUR 6.
Classification:  Karst cave,  river cave.
Light: carbide lamps.
Dimension: A=1,525m asl.
Guided tours: L=600m.
Bibliography: G. B. Araldo (1878): La caverna di Rio Martino, Tip. Lobetti, Saluzzo: 1-12.
C. Balbiano (1973): La grotta di Rio Martino, R.S.I., XXV,1-4:1-16.
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Address: Tel: +39-0
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1961siphon dived and new parts discovered.


Balma di Rio Martino is developed, but not really a showcave. The path is a little rough, just a few steps and bridges, no electric light and there are no regular guided tours. There are didactic spelunking tours organized for school classes and other groups.

The cave is well known for a long time and was very early developed. Some chambers interchange with low ceilings up to the end of the easy accessible part, at a 52m high waterfall. The cave has no speleothems but very interesting erosive and corrosive surfaces.

The cave is very well explored, especially for its speleobiologic aspects. Many cave animals are found in the cave, including the rare bat Barbastellus barbastella which prefers cold caves like this one.

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