Grotte delle Meraviglie

Grotta della Marta - Cave of Wonders

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Location: Near Zogno. 11km N of Bergamo, Valle Brembana. From the road Bergamo-San Pellegrino, at the city limits turn left onto the road to Brembilla.
Open: MAY to SEP Sun 14:30-18. Only on certain Sundays, generally first and third Sunday of the Month. Please call. [2004]
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=211m, VR=105m.
Guided tours: L=156m, VR=15m, D=20min.
Address: Comune di Zogno, Zogno, Tel: +39-0345-91044 (library), +39-0345-55007 (office).
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1939opened to the public.
1969Ermenegildo Zanchi died and the cave was closed.
1983cave reopened on an initiative of the speleo club Gruppo delle Nottole, only for didactic cave tours.
1990cave closed.
2003reopened to the public by the Comune di Zogno.


Grotte delle Meraviglie is located above the highway through the Valle Brembana. The huge entrance portal is easy to see. It is located in grey limestone of the Lower Raetium, locally called calcare di zu'. This typical limestone of the Southern Limestone Alps was uplifted by the orogeny of the alps. It is rich in fossilized corals.

The cave was named Cave of Wonders because of its wealth of beautiful speleothems. It was opened to the public in 1939 by the local cave club Gruppo Grotte di San Pellegrino Terme. Ermenegildo Zanchi from this club was convinced of this and invested a lot of money and tenacity into the development.

For a long time the cave was administered and guided by the Gruppo delle Nottole. Since 2003 the cave is administered by the Comune di Zogno (municipality of Zogno), which also renovated the installations. It was reopened in 2004.

The cave is entered through an artificial tunnel of 90m length. This was necessary, as the natural entrance is a 60m deep pothole. The largest hall is 25x15m and up to 4m high.

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