Beit She'arim National Park

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Location: Beit She'arim National Park, Lower Galilee. Near Kirjat Tiw'on, between Haifa and Nazareth. Off routes 75 and 722, between Hashomrim and Hatishbi junctions.
Open: APR to SEP daily 8-17.
OCT to MAR daily 8-16.
Rabbi Judah Hanasi and Syrian Jewry caves only after appointment.
Fee: Adults NIS 18, Children NIS 8, Pensioners NIS 9.
Groups: Adults NIS 15, Children NIS 7.
Classification:  Cave Tomb
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority. Tel: (04) 983-1643, Fax: (04) 953-1551.
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1936discovered by accident by the watchman Alexander Zad.


Beit She'arim is an archeological site of a Jewish town and necropolis. It was discovered by the watchman Alexander Zaïd, who was guarding the lands of the Jewish National Fund. It was immediately excavated by Benjamin Mazar and Nahman Avigad.

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