Jama Golubinka

Pigeon Cave

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Location: Vinjerac, northeast of Zadar. Velebit National Park. Southeastern part of Veliki Rujan.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification:  Karst cave, Cretaceous and Paleogen limestone
Light: none
Dimension: 50 x 25m wide, 160m deep.
Guided tours:  
Bibliography: D. Magaš, M. Suric (1998): The Mention of Golubinka Cave near Vinjerac (Croatia) in 19th Century, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on History of Speleology and Karstology in Alps, Carpathians, and Dinarids, Liptovsk Mikulš, Slovakia, 25-31 May 1998, Slovensky kras, 37, 159-166.
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19th ctyfirst mentioned on the copy of the official cadastral map.
1970-1990explored by Croatian speleologists.


Jama Golubinka is a pothole or daylight shaft in the Velebit National Park. It is impressive to visit but it cannot be entered.

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