Wookey Hole Galery

Image: On the way from the parking lot to the cave entrace, Wookey Hole offers a lot of shopping possibilities. It is about 10 mins walk to the cave.
Image: This is the last of the dry rooms. The ceiling is very symmetric, shaped like a bowl.
Image: Hyena Den is a small cave near the paper mill canal. This cave contained a lot of bones, especially hyena bones but also the remains of their food.
Image: A 3d model shown in the cave museum of Wookey Hole. The entrance to the cave is on the right, chamber 1 to 3 are dry, the other chambers are filled with water. Most of the chambers ar high and narrow cracks.
Image: A crossection through Mendip Hills, shown in the cave museum of Wookey Hole. As you see, the cave lies not in limestone, but in a dolomitic conglomerate, which has chemical properties similar to limestone, but a much different physical properties.
Image: The Chambers 5 and higher are shaped like narrow cracks. They are visited on iron pathways mouted to the walls.
Image: At the etrance to the cave the river Axe has its source. This canal lead its water from the cave entrance directly to the paper mill.
Image: Diving suits shown in the cave museum of Wookey Hole. This water cave was the location of the earliest cave diving trips in history.