Ingleborough Cave

Image: the entrance to the cave. ©John Farrer
Image: when the cave was first entered, the entrance series were mostly filled with water held back by a number of rimstone pool type dams. This formation known as The Fortification is the last of them. ©John Farrer
Image: a detail of The Fortification. ©John Farrer
Image: the formation known as The Curtain Range. ©John Farrer
Image: a once black formation is still growing, and the new generation of sinter is pure white. ©John Farrer
Image: a side passage with interesting profile. The flat ceiling is a layer of the limestone. ©John Farrer
Image: artwork of nature. ©John Farrer
Image: The formation known as The Coffee Pot with a strangely sloping stalagmite. ©John Farrer

All images on this page by John Farrer, with kind permission.