Grottes de St-Marcel d'Ardèche Gallery

Image: The spectacular Explainrimstone pools. The cave visitor (my dad actually) gives an impression of the size.
Image: The Explainrimstone pools illuminated by lamps inside the pool. This sight is even more phantastic in reallity.
Image: an iron staircase leads down into the last chamber. This is a view back.
Image: main passage at the entrance.
Image: cave painting of a bison.
Image: rimstone pools.
Image: rimstone pools with ligh.
Image: rimstone pools with coloured light.
Image: rimstone pools in natural lighting.
Image: cave passage with solutional forms and clay, but almost no speleothems.
Image: the huge main passage.
Image: speleothems.
Image: the end of the tour, ancient path on which the cave was visited from the natural entrance.
Image: the terminal hall has many stalagmites.
Image: way up with walls covered by scallops.