Grotte de la Forestière Gallery

Image: an extraordinary thin and fragile stalactite.
Image: stalagmites covered with cave coral.
Image: stalactites with cave coral.
Image: stalactite.
Image: The cave entrance, only a few steps down.
Image: stalagmiets of rocks which fell from the ceiling.
Image: bulbous calcite covers floor and speleothems.
Image: this deer sekeleton was found in the cave and reassembled.
Image: the dark red colour is a result of the oxidation of iron. At temperatures above 15°C it becomes red.
Image: while the floor is covered by bulbous calcite, the ceiling has solutional forms and normal stalactited.
Image: very impressive solutional forms at the ceiling.
Image: bulbous calcite.
Image: stalactites and stalagmites with a twist.
Image: the ceiling is rather thin, roots from the surface reach ten cave and its humidity.
Image: the location of a former cave lake is now marked by the calacite crystals it formed.
Image: sometimes the path had to be built through the bulbous calcite.
Image: bulbous calcite is foun on the floor, but sometimes the ceiling is low enough to have some too.
Image: bulbous calcite.
Image: karren field right beneath the parking lot.