This is a central region of France, but despite the name it is actually located northwest of the geographic centre of the country. Actually this name is a result of a complex history and the fact that this area is a unification of numerous small areas with distinct names and history, and a try not to favor one of them. The main feature of the region is the Loire Valley, almost as much as the region Pays de Loire. The listeded underground sights are connected with the artificial cellars and cave houses along the Loire river, which are former limstone quarries. The rocks were used to build all kinds of buildings, especially the famous châteaux of the Loire. Later the huge underground spaces were used for livig, storing wine, growing fungi, and as hideouts. Today they are still used for restaurants and hotels. For other sights of this kind see the list on  Pays de la Loire.

Sights of This Région

 Cave des Producteurs de Montlouis |  Grotte du Foulon |  Vallée troglodytique des Goupillières |  Les Hautes Roches |  Restaurant La Cave |  Magnanerie de Bourré |  Domaine de Marc Brédif |  Les Caves Monmousseau |  Cave des Roches |  Les Grandes Caves Saint Roch |  Grottes de Savonnieres |  Troglododo |  Village Troglodyte de Trôo |  Carriere de Vignemont

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