Speleology is the science of exploring underground spaces. In this it is a sort of betwixt science, which means, it used several other sciences for its own purposes. The most important sciences for speleology are geology, geography, surveying, biology, archaeology, palaeontology and of course engeneering for the equipment. A famous French caver,  Norbert Casteret, once said: "speleology is sports in service of science". This shows, that practical speleology is a lot of sports, climbing, abseiling, and squeezing through narrow passages.

showcaves.com has a section for the equipment, for caving, for archaeology and so forth. Here is the section where some stuff about speleology itself, the scientific exploration of caves and karst, is told. This is knowledge and techniques, which are not part of related sciences, but of speleology itself. And this is above all speleogenesis.

 Classification of Caves:
 Primary Caves:  Blister Caves |  Lava Caves |  Lava Tubes |  Tufa Caves |  Reef Caves
 Secondary Caves:  Limestone Caves |  Gypsum Caves |  Salt Caves |  Tectonic Caves  Neotectonic Caves |  Talus Caves |  Fissure Caves |  Sea Caves

 Karst Caves |  River Caves |  Erosional Caves |  Solutional Caves |  Inkasion |  Mixture Corrosion |  Wind Caves |  Suffosional Pseudokarst

 Some Special Cave Types:
 Anchialine Caves |  Dog's Caves |  Ice Caves |  Glacier Caves

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