Famous People in Geology and Speleology

In the history of geology and speleology very often outstanding persons made extraordinary explorations.

This is the place where you can find information about some of them.

 Karel Absolon |  Georgius Agricola |  Franco Anelli |  Thomas C. Barr, Jr. |  Alfred Bögli |  Abbé Henri Breuil  Rev. George Forrest Browne |  Dean William Buckland |  Norbert Casteret |  Floyd Collins |  Robert de Joly  Déodat de Dolomieu |  Herbert W. Franke |  Otto von Guericke |  Antonio Núñez Jiménez |  Athanasius Kirchner |  Georg Kyrle |  E. A. Martel |  George A. Maximovich |  Anne and Tony Oldham |  Luella Agnes Owen |  Gaius Plinius Secundus |  Emil Racovita |  Robert Seemann |  Haroun Tazieff |  Leander Tell |  Hubert Trimmel |  Johann Weichard Frh. von Valvasor |  Jindřich Wankel |  Dr. Benno Wolf

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