When and How is showcaves.com Updated?

First I want you to understand, that showcaves.com is not a company. It is a private website owned and maintained by Jochen Duckeck. Numerous contibutors provided text, info, and pictures. Any help is appreciated and included into the site as soon as possible. Emails are also answered as soon as possible, however, now and then it may take a few days or weeks, e.g. when I am on vacation.

Question: I received an email stating the site was changed but I can not see the change on the web.
Short Answer: The site is locally (on my computer at home) maintained and synchronized to the server only once or twice a month. However, I answer mails as soon as I made the change, otherwise I would forget to do so.
Long Answer: showcaves.com is maintained manually. It is a collection of pages, which are edited in a normal text editor. The reason is simply, it was the only technology that existed when it all began in 1993, and now the site is far too big to convert it into any other system. The problem is, to avoid broken internal links and to maintain changing versions of a file. I am using tools for this, but it takes two hours to completely check the whole site, and thats an overhead I am not willing to spend daily.

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