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This form is intended to help you organizing your submission. Please do not use it for comments, link submission or questions! Use email instead: E-mail: contact

All fields are optional but three: A cave name in one of the first four fields and it is necessary to provide your name/contact address at the bottom.

Original name :
English name:
Old names:
Original Name means, the name in the language of the resp. country. If the language spoken in this country is English, original name and English name are the same. If there is no English name, a kind of translation may be useful.
If the sight is already listed, please tell me the name it is listed under, or the URL of the page. This makes it much easier for me to manage the update!
Please type in the following string:
Your Address:
How can we contact you? Your e-mail address if possible or the URL of your hompage. Please do not send phone numbers, we will not call back.
Country:   of the place
Location: A description how to get there from the nearest motorway. Nearest big city and distance to it.
Classification: Other: Try to classify it. If it is difficult to classify, just make a guess.
Geology: Type of rocks, age of rocks, kind of cave/mine.
Hours: Please give open hours over the whole year.
  AgePrice per personGroup per person
(minimum persons)
Fee in local currency please, exchange rates may change.
Length: meters (length over all).
Depth: meters (vertical range of cave).
Temperature: °Celsius.
Height: meters asl (of entrance, of course).
This means the dimension of the cave, not of the toured part. Please, use metric measures!
  Additional size information about the cave.
Length: meters (length over all).
Depth: meters (vertical range of tour).
Steps: .
Duration: min.
This means the toured part, not the whole cave. Please, use metric measures!
  Additional size information about the tour.
Literature: A book or booklet describing the object. Author, title, publisher, year, ISBN,......
Address: Address of the owner, address for infos or booking, telephone, fax, email...
History: List date and what happened at this date. For example date of discovery, exploration and opening to the public.
Description: Description of the most interesting features. Please, no length list of formations' names. Just real special things, things you can't see in any other cave.

One link per input field please.
Actuality: How old is this information (e.g. year of visit).

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