Karst is a geological phenomenon, first described in Slovenia. This area is called Kras or Karst, which means rocky place. Since then all areas with a similar geological situation are called Karst Areas.

Beside caves there are much more interesting geological features in karst areas. They are normally not recognized as karst features by the people.

Description of several karst features:

 Karst: |  Bare Karst |  Covered Karst |  Halogenide Karst |  Sulfate Karst |  Carbonate Karst
 Cenote |  Doline or sink |  Dry Valley |  Estavelle |  Karren |  Karst Lake |  Karst Spring |  Seasonal Spring |  Intermittent Spring |  Losing Stream |  Natural Bridge |  Polje |  Ponor |  Stream Channel |  Tufa Deposits |  Tufa Runnel
 Karst Development Phases: |  Collapsed Cave |  Tower Karst

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