Because of the big amount of show caves all over the World, we will will obviously never be able to make a description for every commercial cave. It is not only a matter of writing the description, but also a problem of getting the information.

A practical way is, to work country by country, as most books about show caves describe a specific area or country. This is the main reason, why this site is organized by country. The other reason is, that it helps when you look for a cave to visit during your next holidays: you just have to look for the country you will visit.

You may find a lot of pages with just the name and address of the cave on it. The reason is, that the name is often very valuable, if you try to find additional information on the internet, in books or during a visit of the country. So it makes sense, to provide any bit of information, even if it is just the name. Maybe after some months there are numerous web pages, where our research brought no results.

elaborated This are cave descriptions, that contain many information about a cave.
not elaborated This are cave descriptions, that contain only name, address and maybe a link.

As long as many descriptions of a country are still not elaborated, I will mark the indexes with above dots. So you're able to see which descriptions are elaborated and which are not.

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