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Do cavers have a sense of humour? As Kay said in MIB: "We at the FBI do not have a sense of humor we're aware of."

Now this section is not really about caver humour, it is about funny things having to do with caves, especially show caves. And most funny things happen if you listen to the guide instead of just following the group. Web site obviously have a great potential of funny stuff and absurdities. And finally we also collected some weird things, which are not really funny. But as a lough is always the best way to cope with weirdness, we added it here too.

 The Absurdities of Guided Cave Tours:  The Professional Development of Show Caves |  Discovery Tales |  Guiness World (Cave) Records |  Why taking pictures is forbidden... |  Cave Statistics in the World of Commercial Caves
 Recipes:  Bat Paste
 Pictures and Animations:  Upside Down |  Nasty Bat Animations |  Lenny Goes Spelunking |  Mole Creek Caves |  Strange Speleothems |  Cave Visitor Art
 Cave Hoaxes:  Fictitious Caves |  Treacle Mines |  Tasaday |  Faked Underground Treasures |  Virtual Caves
 Weird Stuff:  Above Ground Caves |  Speleokinetics |  Definitions And Colloquial Terminology |  Creationism |  Weird Encounters in Middle Tennessee |  Cave Legends

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