Speleo Bookstores

Of course, there is not only Amazon.com. In fact unfortunately most caving books are sold out, and if you're looking for a special book, you may try to get it at a special speleo bookstore.

United States

That is definitely the address, if you live in USA! Many rare items and reasonable prices, very good online catalogue. Deliver worldwide! Have a new domain name, which is much easier to remember ;-) and a secure connenction for the transfer of your personal data and your credit card number!
Address: Speleobooks, Emily Davis Mobley, PO Box 10, Scholharie, NY 12157, +1-518-295-7978

 Cave Books call themselves "the largest publisher of books on caves, karst, and speleology in the world". They are a publishing affiliate of the  Cave Research Foundation

I never shopped there until now. Their website looks like a (very) first generation site and there is no online shopping. There is only a form to print and send by snail mail.
Address: Cave Books, 4700 Amberwood Drive, Dayton, OH 45424

United Kingdom

One possible address for UK cavers is the  International Caver Virtual Speleo Bookstore of the International Caver magazine. Online catalogue and online order form, but no secure connenction for the transfer of your personal data and your credit card number. To enter credit card numbers in reverse order is really no sulution! :-(

A second address is Tony Oldham. He has a page about  Cave Guide Books, his e-mail is contact and his snail mail address is
Tony Oldham, Duncavin, Rest Home for Retired Cavers, Riverside Mews, Cardigan, SA43 1DH, UK.

Another good address for mining and caving books is  mike moore bookseller. He has a stock of out of print used books.

Publications of Speleological Organizations

You will rarely find this publications in a normal bookstore or even in a speleo bookstore. The only way to get them is, to order directly at the organization.

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